A Guide to Layering Necklaces by Shemisli

A Guide to Layering Necklaces by Shemisli - Shemisli Jewels

As the temperatures drop and the winds turn chilly, you might be wondering how to incorporate your beloved jewelry into your winter outfits. The answer is simple yet elegant: layering! Just as you layer your clothing for warmth and style during the colder months, you can layer your necklaces to add flair and sophistication to your overall look.

Necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that allow you to express your style while making a bold statement. Layered necklaces are the key to elevating your outfit, effortlessly blending fashion and intention. Whether you're dressing up or going casual, layered necklaces can be styled with any type of outfit. Here's how to master the art of layering necklaces and bring a touch of glamour to your winter whites.

Start with Minimalism and Staple Pieces: 

  • Begin your journey into the world of layered necklaces by investing in dainty and minimalist necklaces.
  • These simple yet elegant designs add a touch of glamour and sophistication without overwhelming your look.
  • These basic pieces serve as the foundation of your layered stack, which you can personalize by adding more chains to suit your style.

Add Color with Crystals and Charms: 

Introduce a pop of color into your necklace stack by incorporating pendants adorned with cubic zirconia (it is a artificial lab created stone, but not a genuine stone), Personalized charms can hold sentimental value, allowing you to cherish special moments and memories as part of your style.

Experiment with Thickness, Weight, and Texture: 

  • Instead of sticking to necklaces of the same kind, experiment with pieces that stand out from the rest.
  • Explore the diversity of dainty chains available at Shemisli, including cable chains, lip chains, satellite chains, snake chains, and sparkle chains.
  • These versatile chains can be beautifully layered together, allowing you to create a unique and captivating style that stands out.

Stack Your Chains Top-Down: 

  • Achieve the perfect necklace stack by layering your chains from the lightest to the heaviest.
  • This approach prevents an overwhelming cluster of chunky pieces near your face.
  • Begin with fine chains featuring dainty charms or single stones at the top and progressively statement pieces as you move downward.
  • This technique ensures that each necklace has a proportional silhouette on your body, creating a balanced and intentional look.

Play with Different Metals and Materials: 

  • Ditch the notion of sticking to a single metal or color scheme.
  • Experiment by adding different metals to your necklace layers.
  • This style choice offers versatility and keeps your look fresh and exciting. By switching one or two layers within your existing stack, you can create entirely new combinations.

Find the Optimal Number of Necklaces: 

  • While layering, consider using up to three necklaces to avoid clutter and maintain a cohesive and tasteful look.
  • A well-balanced stack typically includes a choker (15 to 17 inches), a princess piece (17 to 19 inches), and a matinee (20 to 24 inches).
  • This breakdown ensures that each piece in your layered stack is deliberate and harmonious.

Instant Stacking with Layered Necklaces: 

  • For those short on time or energy to create layers from scratch, consider layered necklaces.
  • These curated sets, crafted by expert designers, effortlessly combine elegance and sophistication.
  • They are especially ideal for busy working women who want to add a touch of glamour to their everyday wardrobe without the fuss.

Curate Your Perfect Layered Sets: 

  • Layering necklaces offers a versatile styling approach that allows you to express your personality and unique sense of style.
  • It's a chance to create something new and sleek for your daily routines.
  • By incorporating old jewelry and vintage pieces into your personalized stack, you embrace sustainability and budget-friendliness, elevating your style without starting from scratch.
  • With these tips in mind, you'll master the art of layering necklaces and add a touch of sophistication to your winter wardrobe.

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