Sensitive Ears? Try These Minimalist Gold-Plated Earrings from Shemisli Jewels

Sensitive Ears? Try These Minimalist Gold-Plated Earrings from Shemisli Jewels - Shemisli Jewels

Finding the perfect pair of earrings can be a challenge, especially for those with sensitive ears. If you experience discomfort like redness, itching, or swelling after wearing earrings, you're not alone. Shemisli Jewels offers a solution with their minimalist  hypoallergenic earrings, combining style, comfort, and affordability.

Not all gold plated jewelry has real gold in the plating. Actually most gold plating does not contain gold except for higher end plated jewelry. Even when there is real gold in the plating, the vast majority of the plating layer contains other chemicals to bond a tiny bit of real gold in with the base metal. So this article is not correct. 

You can instead talk about sterling silver, surgical steel, titanium, and 14k gold filled:

  • Sterling silver with gold plating: as the base metal is silver, it is less likely to cause allergy
  • Sterling silver plated with rhodium:  as the base metal is silver, it is less likely to cause allergy. Also rhodium itself is a hypoallergenic metal
  • Surgical steel and titanium: they are both hypoallergenic metal
  • 14k gold fill: although the base metal is brass, there is a decent amount of solid 14k gold as the exterior. It takes years or more than 10, 20 years for the sold 14k layer to wear off with proper care. So 14k gold fill is also hypoallergenic.
Understanding Sensitive Ears

Having sensitive ears means that certain metals, like nickel, can cause irritation. Gold-plated earrings are a great choice for sensitive ears as they have a thin layer of gold over a base metal, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

Benefits of Gold-Plated Earrings

  • Hypoallergenic Properties: Gold-plated earrings are hypoallergenic, especially if the base metal is nickel-free, making them safe for sensitive ears.
  • Durability and Affordability: These earrings offer the look and feel of gold at a more affordable price. With proper care, they can last a long time.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Gold-plated earrings have a timeless elegance that can enhance any outfit, perfect for everyday wear.

Why Choose Shemisli Jewels?

  • Brand Values: Shemisli Jewels is committed to quality, ethical sourcing, and customer satisfaction, making jewelry that is beautiful and kind to your skin and the environment.
  • Minimalist Design Philosophy: Shemisli Jewels has minimalist designs that are simple yet sophisticated, suitable for any occasion and style.
  • Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Satisfied customers praise the comfort and style of Shemisli Jewels' gold-plated earrings, especially for those with sensitive ears.

Top Picks for Minimalist Gold-Plated Earrings

  • Classic Gold Hoops: Simple and elegant, perfect for daily wear.
  • Delicate Gold Studs: Minimalist studs that add sophistication to any look.
  • Dainty Gold Drop Earrings: Elegant drop earrings that enhance any outfit with a delicate touch.

Tips for Caring for Gold-Plated Earrings

  • Cleaning: Use a mild dish soap and warm water solution, soak, clean gently with a soft toothbrush, rinse, and pat dry.
  • Storage: Store in a soft pouch or jewelry box away from direct sunlight to prevent tarnishing and scratches.
  • Avoiding Irritants: Apply hairspray and perfume before putting on your earrings to minimize contact with irritants.


Finding earrings for sensitive ears can be easy with Shemisli Jewels' range of minimalist gold-plated earrings. Whether you prefer classic hoops, delicate studs, or dainty drops, there's something for everyone. Explore Shemisli Jewels' collection today and give your sensitive ears the treat they deserve!

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