How to Style Best Earrings for Short Hair

Shemisli Earrings for Short Hair

From short bobs to long locks, your hairstyle and length can make or break your aesthetic. But trailblazers are never afraid of experimenting. After all, it is through adventurous styling that you show the world your true personality. If you are struggling to match your earrings with your new short haircut, we’ve got some helpful earring styling tips. After reading this guide, you will no longer worry about stepping out and flaunting your short hair the way only you can!

Earring Styling Tips and Tricks for Short Hair

  • Small Hoops: Leading our list is the classic hoop-style earring, a favorite go-to for generations of people with short hair. These hoops have been style icons for decades due to the way they draw attention to the cheekbones and jawline.
  • Studs: The classic stud is the second most popular earrings to wear with short hair. These are much smaller than hoops and have a simpler build, but they can be incredibly elegant if you choose the right design.
  • Multiple Piercings: For the daredevils among us, another fantastic option to go for is multiple piercings. This way, you won’t have to choose just one earring, you can put on as many of them as you want in various styles, shapes, and designs. With short hairs, all the earrings are revealed especially the ones at the helix area as opposed to usually hidden behind the long hair.
  • Cuff Earrings: A little on the offbeat side are cuff earrings with their unique position and design. Helix cuffs sit on the top of your earlobe and draw attention to your eye line and the upper part of your face. Conch cuffs sit in the middle of the earlobe.
  • Big Hoops: Big hoops are commonly paired with long locks or buns. But did you know they go perfectly with short ear-length hair too?
  • Threader Earrings: A trendy new style of earrings is the threader variety. These consist of metallic threads and go through the piercing to hang down a few inches on both sides of the ear.
  • Drop Earrings: If you want to pull attention away from your face and balance your facial features, drop earrings are a great choice.
  • Danglers: Danglers are great if you want to make your round face appear longer. They give the face a sleek and slim appearance, with a bit of edginess.

6 Tips for Choosing Earrings if You Have Short Hair

  • Go for Balance: Always consider your facial features, makeup, hairstyle, and outfit when deciding what earrings to wear.
  • Avoid Earrings That Are Too Overwhelming: Stay away from earrings that are too big or too chunky.
  • Style Your Hair Accordingly: Your hair will draw attention to or away from your face.
  • Consider Hair Color: Match your earrings to your hair color.
  • Consider Hair Length: Choose earrings that complement your hair length.
  • Choose Comfort: Always choose accessories and hairstyles you feel comfortable in.

There are so many options for ear accessories even if you have short hair. We hope this guide helps you gain the confidence and inspiration to try more earring styles. With enough experimenting, it will become easy to figure out your accessory game for every occasion and impression you wish to create. Go ahead and dazzle the world with your earrings with Shemisli.

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