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Making memories last with Shemisli Jewels. Engraved jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind, offering a unique way to express your sentiments, cherish special moments, and keep cherished memories close to your heart. At Shemisli Jewels, we believe that these personalized pieces are not just accessories; they are stories, emotions, and connections made tangible. In this blog, we explore the art of engraving and share some inspiring ideas for creating your very own custom engraved jewelry for sale. Discover our personalized engraving services online and explore where to buy engraved necklaces online. Find the best engraved bracelets to purchase and take advantage of our discounted engraving services to create meaningful jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

The Art of Engraving

Engraving adds a layer of depth and personalization to your jewelry that transforms it into something truly special. Messages can be engraved on the front side, visible to the world, or discreetly on the backside for your eyes only. Many pieces even allow for engraving on both sides, doubling the sentimental value.

We offer many styles that does not contain one pendant, but multiple pendants, which represent each of your family members, children, grand children, friends circles or pets.

Common Engraving Ideas

The possibilities for engraving are as vast as your imagination, but here are some common and heartfelt ideas that have graced our jewelry pieces over the years:

  • Names, Initials, or Monograms: Perfect for honoring loved ones, whether it's family, friends, or even your beloved pets.
  • Special Dates: Commemorate important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, or milestone moments. You can use traditional dates, calendar dates, or even Roman numerals for an elegant touch.
  • Special Places: Capture the essence of a cherished location in words or geographic coordinates, a reminder of where your heart truly belongs.
  • Special Numbers: Whether it's a lucky number, a shirt number from your favorite sports team, or any number with personal significance, it can be engraved with precision.
  • Words of Encouragement: Share inspiring words, a favorite Bible verse, or a heartfelt wish to uplift and motivate.
  • Symbols of Love: Express your affection with symbols like hearts, infinity signs, zodiac symbols, or even a mama bear with her cubs.
  • Foreign Languages: Embrace diversity and engrave words or phrases in languages other than English, celebrating your global connections.
  • Morse Code, Sign Language or Viking Runes: Add an intriguing twist by engraving messages in Morse code or using sign language symbols  or ancient viking runes, creating a secret language only you understand.
  • Medical Alerts: Carry essential medical information discreetly, ensuring your safety in case of an emergency.
  • Newborn Baby Birth Stats: Capture the magic of birth month connections with our Birth Flowers collection, where nature and your child's birth month unite.
  • Flowers, Birth Flower, Wild Flower: Explore your free spirit with our Wild Flower collection, a tribute to untamed beauty and the wild at heart.
Sentimental Value in Every Stroke

Engraving is a deeply sentimental experience for both our customers and us. We share in the joy of engraving birth statistics for newborns and empathize with the sorrow of inscribing the date of a loved one's passing. Each piece of engraved jewelry tells a story, represents a person, and holds a memory close to your heart.

Shapes and Dimensions

Our engravable plates come in a variety of dimensions and shapes, with bars and discs being the most popular choices. We also offer unique shapes like hearts, hexagons, ovals, and more. Each plate is hand-cut to order, ensuring that your piece is fresh, new, and crafted with care. We meticulously sand the edges to remove any sharp bits while preserving the gold fill layer.

Quality Materials for Lasting Memories

Quality is paramount when it comes to jewelry that carries sentimental value. At Shemisli, we use the finest materials to create your engraved pieces:

  • 14k Yellow or Rose Gold Filled: This material features a solid layer of 14kt yellow gold filled on the surface and makes up 1/20 of the jewelry's weight. It is tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic, and a superior alternative to solid gold. Our 14k gold-filled pieces offer exceptional quality at a fraction of the cost of solid gold.
  • 925 Sterling Silver: Renowned for its timeless elegance and durability, our silver pieces are made from high-quality 925 sterling silver, ensuring longevity and lasting beauty.
Superior to Gold Plating

Our commitment to quality extends to the choice of materials. Unlike many other shops that use gold plating on base metals or silver, we take pride in the thickness and composition of our gold-filled layer. It is significantly superior to gold plating, which often falls short in terms of durability and longevity.

Precision Engraving

We employ state-of-the-art engraving machines that offer distinct advantages over traditional metal stamping. These machines accommodate a wide range of text fonts and symbols, allowing for intricate designs and multiple text and symbol options even on small plates.

Wearing Your Story

Engraved jewelry can be worn individually to make a statement or stacked with other pieces for a sophisticated and personalized look. Whether you're expressing love, preserving memories, or carrying a message close to your heart, your engraved jewelry will become an integral part of your everyday style.

Explore Our Engravable Jewelry Collection

Discover the perfect piece to create your engraved masterpiece by exploring our wide selection of engravable necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and more:

Make Memories Last with Shemisli Jewels

At Shemisli Jewels, we understand the power of personalized jewelry to create lasting memories. Each piece we create is a testament to your unique story, a treasure to be cherished for a lifetime. Explore our engravable jewelry collection today and capture the moments that matter most.

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